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Montessori League Academy embraces every possible philosophy to enhance the development of the child in an academic and warm atmosphere, as well as considering the safety of the child at all times.

Our Story:

In 2006, after an initial unfulfilling experience as a parent, with a local Montessori for her son, the Director and founder, Ms. Salma, decided to recapture the 100-year- old tradition of Maria Montessori. She went on a quest for this single purpose, and obtained not only her Masters in Montessori, but also got as a mentor a Montessorian, who studied with the grand daughter of Maria Montessori herself, in Italy. One of the most important decisions that you will make for your child is choosing the right preschool. Here at Montessori League Academy, we help prepare children to go anywhere that their dreams, interests, and passions take them. We believe that cultivating curious and inventive personalities in children can help them go further and achieve more. By combining the Montessori Method with Ivy League inspired curriculum, we are able to offer children a truly unique learning experience. Schedule an in-person visit with us to learn more about the Montessori Method and how we utilize it in our classrooms.

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Parent Reviews

  • Peggy Farfan

    After searching high and low for a good school for my 1 1/2 year old i came across Montessori Ivy…

  • The Stuckey Family!!

    Having to have to relocate every few years or so due to my profession always makes me anxious….one of my major concerns now that I have children is the quality of education…having found Montessori Ivy League has been more than I expected….