Q. How much an investment is needed?
A.Approximately between $350,000 & $750,000. Most pre-school franchises require around $1.2 million to $2.5 million. We have sharpened and improved our methodology of starting a preschool, thusly giving you, as our franchisee, the advantage.
Q.How much money can I make?
A.As appearing under Item 19 of our Federal Disclosure Document, under the section,

Actual Financial Data from Montessori League Academy Commercial Center 101, Flamingo & Pines, FL.

Year 2014 Gross Revenue: $824,097
Year 2015 Gross Revenue: $835,649
Year 2016 Gross Revenue: $932,758

The net take-home pay, in the above example, was about 20%.
(Of course, your individual results may differ. This is no assurance you’ll sell or earn as much.)
Q.What’s the royalty?
Q.Is there a home-based version?
A.Yes, for those exceptional cases, where a person love Montessori method and wants to start on at her/his home, we can help. The cost is (approximately) from $50,000 to $75,000. Square feet needed is around 500 square feet.
Q.Does the owner have to run the school?
A.No, but the owners must be well trained by us.
Q.How much area is needed?
A.Around 7,000 to 10,000 Square feet, not including the playground.
Q.What qualifications do I need?
A.The most basic requirements are that you must love children and believe in their development and you must possess, at least, a high school diploma, if you are going to be a principal person running the school. There may be additional requirements, which we can discuss with you.
Q.I already own a preschool/home childcare/daycare, can I convert it to Montessori Ivy League?
A.Yes. We will help you do this.
Q.Will you help me get employees?
Q.Will you show me how to get clients? Students?
Q.I don’t know much about running a business, how will you help?
A.We will hold your hand and show you.
Q.Will you train me?
A.Yes, you and an extra person if you wish. Training is held in our HQ in beautiful South Florida for two weeks.
Q.How long is the franchise agreement?
A.Ten years.
Q.Can I transfer the franchise?
Q.Once I sign the franchise papers, how long before I can start?
A.Usually in a few months.
Q.Do we have to buy certain supplies from you?
A.No, not from us, but from approved vendors (we do not profit from it)
Q.Is there a special software?
A.Yes, easy to use software that keeps track of finance and the children, to help you run your business.
Q.Do you provide help with lesson planning?
A.Yes, we provide most of your lesson plans.
Q.How would we know what to buy?
A.We tell you exactly what to buy and from where.
Q.Do you finance?
A.The franchise is relatively inexpensive, but we can help you look for third party financing.
Q.Will you help me find out if my home is eligible (for home-based models) to be a Montessori Ivy League?
A.Yes, we will guide you.
Q.Do you charge for training?
A.No, training is included. You just have to pay for your travel expenses.
Q.Do you grant exclusive territories?
Q.Can I have more then one franchise?
A.Yes, once you prove yourself to be a good franchisee, then we can offer you many other ways of expanding.
Q.I am not very technical, what if I have trouble with the software?
A.You will be provided with a completely separate support number for the software. They have proven themselves to be extremely reliable.