Top 5 Reasons why Franchising makes a great Investment


Top 5 Reasons why Franchising makes a great Investment

Franchising is a leading-edge marketing concept that helps businesses achieve success and rapid growth.

Traditionally, if someone wanted to launch his own business, his natural approach would be to do it on his own, while depending mostly on his business instinct, limited knowledge, and observation of the market. The introduction of franchising, however, transformed the modern business tremendously. So, Franchising offers a plethora of benefits to every business owner, who wants to achieve serious growth and envisions exploring the realm of this concept:

1. Rapid Growth & Increased Profitability

Franchising paves the way for an easy supervision and staffing leverage, which empowers an organization to achieve greater profitability. The franchise advices from hiring and training the staff to local marketing, and even human resource management. Franchising also offers financial leverage required to achieve rapid growth and stand firm in competition with the larger and more established businesses for the market share. The end result is increased profitability.

2. Readily Available Market

When you buy a franchise, you actually buy an established concept that has earned itself a good record of accomplishment. The franchisee is given the rights to use the brand name and the franchising company’s trademark and therefore, the company is certifying the franchisee to market its products, while carrying a brand name that the customers might be already familiar with.

3. Training

The franchisee is provided with the basic training to start the business and run it smoothly. The franchisee is thoroughly trained and instructed to get familiar with the business operations and systems of the franchising company, covering the quality standards, product preparation (even non-physical produces, for example, Montessori methodology), business controls, hiring personnel, and marketing. In fact, a good franchiser will keep the system updated and provide training to the franchisee and his staff on a regular basis.

4. Lower Capital Requirement

Franchising a business requires lesser capital as compared to a non-franchise business, as the experience, expertise and tested system of the franchising company would already have disposed off the overhead expense, incurred through trial and error.

5. Lower risk & Better Opportunities

Franchising reduces the risk of the business owner by manifolds. Having provided the technical know-how to the franchisee, the business owner could be assured that the financial and operational responsibilities are taken care of by the franchisee itself. With a franchise opportunity in hand, the entrepreneur who is the franchisor in this case, gets in a position to develop as many units as he desires without financing from his own pocket.

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